Makeup Classes

Learn from the pro! All the latest trends taught by our beauty expert. Master the art of makeup and learn how to create a flawless, polished, natural or dramatic look. Step- by step instructions on the latest professional techniques and trends.

Private Makeup Class (3 h)
Intermediate Makeup Workshop (6 hours)
Professional makeup workshop (9 hours)
$70 OffGroup Workshop (180 min)
$180 per person

(minimum of 3 students)

You will learn how to:

  • Prep the skin
  • Apply foundation, concealer, and powder
  • Correct dark circles,scars,marks, and spots using highlighting, shading and contouring techniques
  • Apply blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip color, and false lashes
  • Design soft and naturally shaped brows
  • Makeup tips & tricks
  • New trends and much more!!!
Reserve your solo seat or a group. Customized packages with materials included are available upon request. All classes include a certificate of completion.

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