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  • detox water

    3 Detox Water Recipes to Get Hydrated Skin and Lose Weight

    If you feel drinking plain water is boring, want to lose some weight, and enjoy the benefits of detox water, you definitely need to prepare these three easy detox recipes.

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  • fentybeauty

    Fenty Beauty by RIHANNA! Is it really worth the hype?

    Fenty Beauty claims to be formulated for all skin types and to match any skin color. Rihanna's new makeup line offers 40 shades of its foundation and wide variety of tones on its other products

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  • 21

    6 Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Hair Part 2

    Althought many people attempt to take care of their hair, sometimes we just do not even know how to get started. Do not you worry! I got you!! I will break down the top 3 secrets I use for...

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  • 13

    6 Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Hair

    In this post, I will share my secrets to have a beautiful, long, shiny, and healthy hair.  It takes patience, effort and some changes in our hair care routine to maintain a long and healthy hair.

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  • beautyblog

    Hello Beauty Blog World!

    I would like to welcome you to this new community where I will share beauty tips, tricks, and much more

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