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Who We Are

The Beginning

Born in Venezuela, Jessica has an innate passion for beauty, fashion, art, and science. She is a motivated and ambitious young woman who began her BEAUTY Career as a Model in her town city San Cristobal, Venezuela. During her work and studies at the agency that she belonged to, she learned infinite makeup techniques, photoshoot trends, social etiquette and nutrition, as well as skin care basics. She worked as a model for a couple of years and participated in fashion campaigns and shows, editorials, photoshoots, etc until she was invited to participate in one of the most important beauty pageants in her city. She won the first runner-up place and got many contracts to continue working as a model. In the meantime, she was always asked to do her friends and family’s makeup for special events, and she always offered her opinion to enhance natural beauty. Jessica completed a bachelor degree to become a biology and chemistry teacher while she was working as a model as well.  

Her Training

She then moved to United States in 2014 due to the tense political situation in her home country and continued her training in the beauty industry by attending PRO makeup classes by beauty gurus, such as Mario Dedivanovic, Roberto Ramos, and Cristina Pilo. Jessica also attended Boca Beauty Academy in Boca Raton Florida to complete her Esthetician License in 2017.

She is now living in South Florida and decided to take her passion for beauty and teaching to the next level by offering her knowledge and expertise as a Makeup Artist and Skin Care Expert. Jessica specializes on subtle transformations, helping women to bring out their best version of their natural complexion and talents. She sees beauty as everything that can improve your life. Even though beauty seems superficial, she believes that beauty has nothing to do with looks. Beauty is how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves. When Jessica is not creating looks on her clients, she is creating content for her blog and social media accounts or teaching science lessons to her students! She is also a yoga, coffee, and wine lover. She enjoys to spend quality time with her family and friends as well.

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She is our Team Leader and the creative inspiration. She’s happy to help you by sharing her tips and tricks and deciding the best style for your natural complexion.

Did you know…?

Your skin is your largest organ and plays a vital role in your body. There is so much more to your skin than you might think. Here our expert will share some of the most interesting facts about skin so that you can have the perfect canvas for a flawless makeup application.